We're Gloriously Grateful

First of all, a tremendous thank you strapped on with an ankle rope of love to our Mums and Dads for shaping our lives and teaching us to value, cherish and make considered choices. Even when choosing not to choose, ultimately you’re all there for us. Every time. Love you to the moon & back.

To all the pieces of our family scattered around the globe as well as all our beloveds who’ve left us – you’re always in our hearts.

To our friends we’ve met along the way – you guys have energised and shared many memorable moments and always influence our achievements and learning.

To my Ambulance Service colleagues in Jersey and the United Kingdom, thanks for the banter, commitment and teamwork. You are like my second family guys.

You are all the Nutsack to our Hoof and we’d like to give each of you a shout out and a salty hug.

Thank you

Jonas Dahlbäck | Coops, The African & Co. | Chaz Chapman

 The Hadcrofts’ | Breen the Bean | Dan the Man | Wizzy

 Shenkin | Princess Ellie | Helm | Le Maistre | Cheese Burger & Co. | Ferbrache’s

 Pus Pus | JP | The French Man | Turner | Ken & Bula  | Tio & Tia |

Rexi | Primo’s & Prima’s | Sam Sam and lastly Hugh Cummings.

Amazing xxx