First There’s Cash

Cash spent his little Cash-hood in Jersey, one of the Channel Island’s off the coast of France. Island life soon bred the zeal for bigger horizons and he left the self-determined little isle for many adventures through countless countries including Portugal, France, India, Morocco, Barbados, United Kingdom, Thailand and Australia.

Having caught the salted bug early in life, surfing soon became a way of life. Even the most ardent vagabond has to hang his hat someday, and eventually, Cash decided it was time to masquerade as a responsible adult. This self-described ‘junkyard dog’ known as the ‘grey belly’, started exercising his salty brain.

Then There’s Bash

Bash is Cash’s cousin – you can’t make this stuff up. Known as ‘Basher’ in the hockey-sphere of Bradford, West Yorkshire where he spent his Bash-hood, he made it to the national league trials. Inspired by Cash’s travel stories and hungry for a wayfaring adventure, Bash was especially taken by Cash’s tales of life in Australia.

Flying to true blue shores, Bash soon realised that Bondi was the place to hang his hat. Despite not having the otter in him, he wrapped himself in the diverse and vibrant culture and settled into his southern hemisphere days.

Now There’s Cash And Bash

Coming from a cosy family, the fusion of Cash and Bash is an energetic, fun, life loving and opportunity seizing tour de force. Bringing a healthy dose of humour and irreverence to the table, their collaboration is never dull.

Many Moons Later

Cash and Bash decided to take stock in Bondi, Australia where they’d come together to download a dune of ideas and a plethora of passions. Keen to create a range of innovative, natural and eco friendly skincare products for their fellow surfers and like-minded tribe, they start riding the wave of development.

The Why Of Your Buy

Highlighting the importance of hair and skin health and nutrition as well as the connection between confidence and life energy, Cash and Bash wanted to create an online, independent brand. As a family run company including a dog named sky and a cat called jiffy – they’re not high street chain kinda peeps. Their satisfaction comes from your satisfaction; they’re happiness hunters.

Our Salty Sensibilities

Cash and Bash products have no nasties. All wares are Paraben, SLS, MCI and Methylisothiazolinone free and crafted from premium ingredients from France, UK and Jersey. With no testing on animals, the bunnies, roos and crapauds are left to bouncing. Keeping it simple and organic where possible, their muse is the big wide wonder and herbs, plants, flowers and food is their palette. This is not a humdrum brand. It’s a fresh, in the pocket, independent movement.